Boulangerie Bleue

Last year, Grey Goose pulled off one of the best parties of the summer season. Tucked away in the luxurious back garden of a Westmount mansion, the party, which featured white horses, waterfalls, mermaids and of course Grey Goose cocktails, was the talk of the town for months afterward. There was no way they were going to be able to top an extraordinary experience like that. Last week, however, they did. For the second year in a row, Grey Goose taught us that the only way to throw a party is to soar sky high and fly beyond. 

ExteriorShot4Over the course of two days, Grey Goose transformed La Scena on the quais of Old Montreal into a party scene plucked from the shores of the French Rivera. Decorated in flowing white sails and blue boats, we were transported through a fine French bakery into the awe inducing party setting. There was so much to see and do at Boulangerie Bleue, Grey Goose didn’t just top last year’s spectacle, they Boulangerie Bleue it out of the water.

GGCamionetteThe sweltering summer sun is nothing to contend with in Montreal but being near the water always helps. A cool breeze coming off the St-Laurent balanced the temperature perfectly as we congregated in Old Montreal for night one of Grey Goose’s summer party. A contingent of smartly dressed men and women were waiting at the door to greet us. La Scena’s side entrance was decked out in bright French blue and looked like the entrance to a Parisian bakery. We entered and were welcomed with a celebratory Grand Fizz (Grey Goose vodka, St-Germain elderflower liqueur, soda and lime) where we mingled for a moment before heading outside.

InteriorBakeryGGExterior2Summertime in Montreal is one thing but a warm summer evening on the quais of the Old Port where people are dressed in their summer best tops it all. Outside white flags flowed in the breeze as people gathered in oversized cushions and chairs or came together near the bar to chat and watch as the space filled with people. As the night went on and the sun slide into the backdrop of the city, the site came alive with lights while a DJ provided a sultry soundtrack for the night. Canapés and desserts made their way around the room as we sipped in negronis and more Grey Goose drinks including Cherry, Lemon and Orange flavoured fizzy cocktails. The night, the temperature and the crowd couldn’t have been more perfect and it only upped the ante for night two.

InteriorDiningRoom24 hours later, after another hot day in the Montreal summer sun, we returned to La Scena for something different. Renowned chef, Jamie Kennedy had prepared lunches and light dinners for the special occasion the day before and now it was our turn to enjoy a 4 course meal with cocktail pairing. After a welcome cocktail in the boulangerie, we were brought upstairs to a beautiful country table where we would gather for an imitate meal. Kennedy has been the recipient of the Governor General’s Award in celebration of the Nation’s Table and he was made a member of the Order of Canada. His commitment to sustainability and advocacy of local farmers has made him popular across the country.

JamieKennedyGensac Caviar on Gaufrette PotatoAfter a few words from the chef, the food started to arrive. We began with Gensac caviar sur crème and a potato gaufrette which was paired with a simple Grey Goose martini. The cocktails that paired with the meal were as inventive as the food itself. The entrée for the evening was a marinated wild salmon topped with a sweet and sour strawberry sauce. The cocktail was a delightful take on rosé. Grey Goose blended with white grape juice, grapefruit juice, lavender syrup, crème de fraises, crème de framboises, mineral water and a zest of lemon had the table talking.

Strawberry Aigre-Doux with Wild Marinated Salmon2Hanger Steak, Grilled with Duxelles VegetablesThe main course was as unbelievable as the rest of the meal. We were treated to a perfectly grilled hanger steak and duxelle vegetables. The cocktail this time was once again perfectly prepared to pair with the meal. The Grey Goose cocktail de vin rouge contained Grey Goose, martini rosso, crème de cassis, grenadine juice, beet juice, mineral water, raspberry eau de vie and pepper. This was by far my favorite cocktail of the night and it left me craving more. We brought the meal to a close with a chocolate and almond cake and yet another Grey Goose cocktail. The cake was paired with Grey Goose, espresso, coffee liqueur, vanilla bean and chocolate. It was a sweet ending to a perfect meal.

Chocolate Almond Cake with Sour Cherry and Vanilla2IMG_5928Not wanting the night to end at dinner, we joined friends at the second night of the party which was happening below. Even more people has showed up to the second night to be serenaded by live music, to take pictures under Montreal’s night sky and live it up with more Grey Goose cocktails and Negronis. It was two nights to remember as we enjoyed our time at Boulangerie Bleue. Grey Goose proved to us that they are up to the challenge when it comes to topping themselves with their parties.

We can’t wait for next year.





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