Old Montreal is home to many beautiful spaces. New cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants keep finding creative ways to incorporate their astoundingly designed decors into the area’s beautiful old buildings. Tommy is a perfect example of a cafe that looks like it was custom tailored to the Insta-generation. 

f2lcZgWPx5AhWVSoB_qS5oTkHqGy3hpREF2W4cpj_6o,ua7W8dqgqWVvK4MPpKl2sh47YSwc1opclZ2YDpE0Ya8QW43cG7PdSmwgQil-xHLoJHdVvLvD4chU9qdbWoLMjkA good looking restaurant is nothing without a great selection of food. The pastries and desserts at Tommy are out-of-this-world good and their coffee is second to none. The cafe also features a few light brunch choices including a delicious triple-layer breakfast sandwich with fresh bread, fluffy scrambled eggs, ham and cheese.

ruxUw14COCdHM0LPgrqVi659w-BeoMO2z_-28PXTmKg,1SVF-uDwvT5VliqRc7ZwzL3kmr5hV6DzJg_Bs0Sp1ncoC9w1sZONBVEdNwp7K3iDCS1WnAw6Dcb3UEjQBE0axQ,h4sYfbPdhEhdwgP8Y2C7-lnDG-PeEl2yo7qjZMpjEHcUp until now it’s been tough to find a good, local coffee place in Old Montreal, but Tommy has put an end to that search. As we live in the age of Instagram, food can’t just be good, it has to look good too. The presentation is inventive and highly photogenic.

pIxa9_NkY9Hmxph95oIVBdFJDbhFEoDSJe5J3OrRkRs,nSLe9QiK8z4Yv-E_Ubs1tW1gpMtPqSUTE4LwLkPWY8IVeXeK1EUhUpv6qsUi6WK76L_mQSiYzsp4ZQ1Z1d6c1oThe decor is as magnificent as the food is delicious. Basking in brilliant white, warm pine and oak coloured wood the cafe is set on several split levels where seating is a relaxed as Sunday brunch itself. Upstairs colourful bookcases and comfy sofas and chairs make the cafe feel like you’ve never even left home.

bRUWhCFPwTX9mqGdrrDoka1Avkx0YLruE4mJo1mwzOM,e_D4MJphEPU2ArCOJZ7GsXAyWCd_63hXiJIXoCoDhRsTommy is high on our list of must-visits in Old Montreal! For more, click here.

Image credit: Chantal Levesque

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