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It seems like I’ve been spending a lot of time at the W Hotel lately. This past summer we covered the opulently redecorated rooms that have added a spark of new life to the exquisite hotel. More recently we followed up with Êat, the brand spanking new restaurant that opened in December and serves up some of the best food offered in Montreal. 

unspecified-3My most recent outing at the Êat was to see and taste what Chef Sebastien Giannini was cooking up for the newly launched brunch menu. An all day affair, brunch at Êat is meant to be savoured over a couple of hours with the experience extending well beyond the confines of your table.

unspecifiedThe brunch menu is a mix of classic culinary dishes that have been blended with craving crushing delights. From smoked duck breast with lavender honey to lobster benedictine, Êat’s brunch menu contains a plethora of choice for all tastes, including an excellent mishmash omelette contain 5 ingredients of your choice. There are very special extras to heighten your experience at the table as well. For an extra $4-6 you can add “Dim Sum” to your meal, and experience the little culinary surprises that will be brought to your table and assembled right in front of you. You can see the entire menu for yourself right here.

unspecified-6Never one to settle for status quo, Êat’s brunch is truly all about ceremony. Like their dinner and lunch services, parts of the meal are prepared fresh from a white trolly that’s wheeled right to your table. At brunch, nothing is more ceremonious than a mimosa and you can have one made on the spot with your bubbly of choice. You can also chose to jazz up your mimosa with a concentrate of myrtle, strawberry or mango. Coffee and cocktails are also mandatory for any kind of day drinking and without a doubt, Êat features an excellent wine and cocktail list.

unspecified-4Dessert is always a welcome way to bring to an end a great weekend brunch. One of my favourite experiences during brunch at Êat was at the very beginning when I got to “pimp my cake pop”. A bowl of delicious cake pops were wheeled over to the table were the chef showed us how to enrobe the cake pop in chocolate sauce so when we rolled in the various toppings, we would get our fair share of the toppings.

unspecified-5It’s rare at a media tasting to sit and chat as a small group for almost 2 full hours but that’s exactly what we did during our brunch experience at Êat. It was a pleasant part of the day spent with engaging people having a genuine moment surrounded by one of the most unique restaurant settings in the city at the moment.

For more on Êat’s brunch, visit their website and see how they do dinner, click right here.

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