The Northern Bites

It hasn’t been that long since Soubois launched their Sunday brunch menu but in a very short time they have perfected a selection of wonderful dishes. Having become one of Montreal’s top restaurant success stories in 2015 with their excellent food, unique atmosphere and great service, Soubois is excelling at what it does best; showing people a good time. 

unspecified-18unspecified-19Beyond the food, weekend brunch is a study in how a restaurant’s mood is dictated by the time of day and the crowd’s overall feeling. When we go from popping bottles to popping in for brunch, the restaurant’s physicality remains the same but the mood completely changes. I’ve been at Soubois for the wild parties but being their for their brunch was an altogether different experience.

unspecified-13Soubois’ brunch, like the rest of the food at the restaurant is prepared by chef Guillaume Daly. The menu focuses on a concise selection of main courses and side dishes derived from ingredients procured from our northern neck of the boreal woods. Each dish is inventively prepared and presented, making the food that much more desirable. During a media sampling, we tried several dishes from the menu, a couple of which really stood out as personal favourites.

unspecified-14Perhaps the most astoundingly delicious dish on the menu is the Labrador tea pancakes with fresh ricotta and wild blueberries. They are piping hot on the plate, the chef blends sour and sweet perfectly and for someone who wouldn’t normally order pancakes in a restaurant, I am officially converted. The steak and eggs are also a wonderful choice for those who like a meatier brunch. The Compton grilled cheese with truffles and ham also had everyone at the table drooling. The menu also features Soubois’ take on eggs Benedict, frittata and more.

unspecified-25unspecified-26unspecified-23Though everyone approaches their meal differently, Soubois’ menu is at its best when there’s a crowd around one of their polygynous tables and everyone grabs something different plus a few dishes for the table to share. This combined with a few mimosas and early afternoon cocktails is the perfect way to cap off the weekend.

unspecified-20Montrealers love to brunch and the mid-afternoon meal has become one of the most important parts of our weekend. Whether its to gather and chat about that last crazy weekend or even to keep the party going, Soubois is giving us yet another reason to descend into the enchanted forest.

Image credits: Patricia Brochu and Ed Yao

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