Is there any place better suited for a “cabane à sucre” inspired meal than L’Orignal? Its name alone is particularly Canadian and their warm décor evokes the coziest comforts of a chalet away from the city. The restaurant is the perfect setting for an April filled with “The Moose’s” take on la belle province’s ever-trendy food tradition. Just don’t go to L’Orignal expecting ordinary eggs and ham. These guys have turned it up a notch, as usual. Restaurant L'OrignalLate last week I enjoyed a two-night stint at L’Orignal. Night one was an indulgence like I haven’t experienced in a very long time (stay tuned for night two). I was invited to share a table with a few friends and soak up the L’Orignal cabane à sucre inspired menu. It was lightly raining outside that night, which added to a wonderfully moody night in the city and added to the cozy feeling that the restaurant is known for.

During the month of April, the restaurant has been rotating a selection of menu items for its 3-course cabane a sucre menu (on top of its regular menu). $40 includes the appetizer, an entrée and a dessert served during that week. During our visit we started with spiced cretons and fois gras served on a toasted baguette with salad to start. We followed up with glazed quail breast served with greens and potatoes and finally a delicious sugar pie. The entire specialty menu uses only Quebec made, St. Leon maple syrup from the Appalachians. TarteAuSucreWhile enjoying the cabane a sucre meal, we were fortunate enough to sample a few other dishes during the night. We dug into a zingy beet salad with blue cheese and vegetables marinated in vinegar and followed that up with a delicious 1/2 roasted chicken with smashed potatoes and garlic veggies. The chicken was my favorite food of the night…until the cheesecake came out. Like a Golden Girl, I’m not one to shy away from a cheesecake and this one, a pineapple cheesecake, with heaps of sweet pineapple piled high on a velvety cake, was nothing short of amazing. It’s a must try. If you want I will go back with you and have it again, your treat! Restaurant L'OrignalThat was the end of night one. Night two was a special night because L’Orignal threw a little gather of some of the city’s most fabulous people for my birthday. The night was centered on the wonderful cocktails they serve (which kept us all there until almost closing time). I am particularly fond of their Old Fashioned and of course their wonderful selection of wine. Though the night was cocktail fueled, a piece of pineapple cheesecake managed to find its way onto the table where it was devoured before we knew it. The night rolled out with some good fun, old friends and new (who think I’m hilarious – ps you can find those phone numbers I told you about in les petits announces) and a few stories that will stay at the table, for now.

Thanks to L’Orignal for a fantastic night and some ridiculously good food the night before. The cabane a sucre menu is on for a limited time! For more info on the restaurant, drop over to their website.

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