The Breakfast Club

Between 11am and 3pm on the weekends, our city’s restaurants are booming for brunch. The majority of the population is gathered with their friends, around tables in neighbourhoods across Montreal, gleefully (or shamefully) discussing the amazing night before or getting a head start on what’s to come. Doing this over a great meal with copious amounts of mimosas (brunch is also a great excuse for day drinking) is what makes brunch such an exciting weekend tradition.

Brunch Hachoir 12Le Hachoir, one of our favorite spots in the city (ready more about them here and here), recently launched their very own brunch menu. We were invited to a very fashionable media launch a couple of weeks ago to try out their take on the “most important meal of the day”. Holding Hachoir in such high esteem meant our expectations for their brunch were also very high.

Brunch Hachoir 23Brunch Hachoir 4The media event took place over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, one of the most brunch necessary weekends of the year. Starting at around noon, people began filing into the restaurant as the staff finished preparing the tables, popped the corks on the champagne for mimosas and fired up the kitchen for a busy afternoon. Chatter from around the room blended with soft music from the speakers, creating an ambient atmosphere. The day outside was cool but sunny, filling the restaurant with bright, high noon sunshine.

Brunch Hachoir 20Brunch Hachoir 15We were sipping on our second round of mimosas when the waiter stopped by to take our orders. We were in no big hurry to eat right away so he gave us a few more minutes to scan through the menu. The choice for brunch is quite extensive with a mouthwatering list of main courses, desserts, cocktails, coffee and tea. We chose to go with the Benedict Neptune and the Classic Burger. I got teased because every time I go to Hachoir I am almost certain to get the classic. It’s one of my favorite burgers in Montreal and maybe I should have chosen something else but at least this time I ordered it with a fried egg, for brunch sake.

Brunch Hachoir 18Brunch Hachoir 16The Benedict Neptune is comprised of a helping of savoury salmon tartar topped with perfectly poached eggs, a homemade hollandaise sauce, a cheddar scone, house salad and spicy hash browns. What can I say about the burger that I haven’t already raved about? It was perfection as usual with juicy Canadian beef, crisp bacon and stacked with fresh toppings. This was the first time I ordered the burger with an egg it added a lot of extra flavour. I prefer my egg fried with the yolk broke but for those who like their eggs runny, I’m sure it would take the burger to the next level for you as well. Like the Neptune, the Classic comes with a house salad and those wonderful hash browns. One of the things I like most about Hachoir is the serving size. The burger isn’t gigantic but it is quite filling and very satisfying. I promise that the next time I go for brunch I will have something else.

Brunch Hachoir 25As we were finishing up our meal, a friend who had arrived at the restaurant fashionably late joined our little table for two. We were more than happy to have her with us and with another round of mimosas now in hand we went through the menu once again to help her chose. She went with the Stuffed French Toast and after having a bite I can tell you that I’ve never tasted a French toast as wonderfully sweet and delicious as this. The toasted challah bread was stuffed with Brie, apples and bacon and topped with whipped cream and sweet apple syrup. The bite I had was satisfying enough but it made me think that maybe I should have ordered it in the first place.

Brunch Hachoir 22After one last mimosa, we were on our way again. The staff was wonderful and despite running around the packed restaurant for hours on end, their spirits were high and as usual, very courteous and professional.

The only thing better than holding a restaurant like le Hachoir to high standards is never being disappointed after a visit.

Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre

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