Thai Fried Chicken And Other Not To Miss Dishes

When you go to Mae Sri, order the fried chicken. I must insist.

If you think I’m giving it all away out of the gate, you’re wrong. As you read the rest of this article, you’ll see why. When I went to try the food at Mae Sri a few weeks ago, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Other than some pretty awful fast food, I’ve never really tried Thai food before. That’s all changed now.

img_3438img_3446I’ve been curious about Mae Sri ever since it opened. I walk past the restaurant on my way home on a regular basis and I love how they transformed the space that once housed the revered, Place Milton. The decor is simple yet elegant and warm all around. Perfect for those months where the snow never seems to stop piling up. Mae Sri is an interesting concept that sits somewhere between a food truck, a comptoir and a really friggin good restaurant.

img_3465We were invited to order whatever we wanted from the menu and we did our best to round out the choices. When I saw fried chicken on the menu I jumped at the chance to order it. The dish comes served with flavoured rice, hainan sauce and a small bowl of chicken soup. The chicken, which was coated in a thick, crispy batter, was juicy and tender, served piping hot – just the way I like it. You definitely should try the chicken.

img_3451The plates at Mae Sri are meant to be shared but the portions served are generous enough to keep them to yourself if you wish. We shared a plate of stir fry with Thai holy basil, pad see ew (flat noodles, chicken, egg and Asian kale), Boat Noodle Ayuthaya (fresh noodles, beef, pork balls, beansprouts, chilies, coriander, onion, fried garlic, pork belly bits and morning glory), Mae Sri fried rolls and fried pork meat balls. Yes, all this food for two people and we finished all of it.

img_3469img_3458img_3464My expectations for the food at Mae Sri were met and in many cases exceeded. I really enjoyed the deep flavours of the boat noodle Ayuthaya. Despite this being a dish heavy on meat, the vegetables, the broth and the coriander really tied everything together. The fried rolls and the meatballs were standard but delicious. The stir fry was the most highly recommended dish of the evening and it turns out it was my least favorite. The  ground pork was very salty and oily and it clashed with the freshness of the other dishes. It didn’t take anything away from the meal but if salt isn’t your thing, I’d stay away from this one.

img_3442Overall my experience at Mae Sri was very pleasant and I’ve gone back for the fried chicken. You’ll be as surprised as I was at how fast the food comes out of the kitchen. It’s exceptional. The staff at the restaurant are a real asset to the place and they take pride in the food the serve.

For more on Mae Sri visit their website here.





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