For just under a year Montrealers have been flocking to SuWu on St. Laurent for many reasons.  Their prime location, inventive vibe and unique spin our comfort food favorites keep this bar and eatery packed most nights. This past Wednesday night SuWu launched an updated menu, which now includes a few lighter choices for the health nut in us all, and DJNL was among the gamut of media that got a savory sneak peek. SU2SuWu’s approach to food is as inventive in its presentation as its preparation. Known for their famous signature dishes such as the Mac-n-Cheese Grilled Cheese, Rosemary Fries, SuWu Cheeseburger and more, head chef Chuck Lefebvre promises that these are not going anywhere but the new menu does kick it up a notch.

That notch, the real stars of last Wednesday night were the latest additions to the menu. I tried their new Buttermilk Fried Chicken with collard greens and creamy polenta that was delicious and had a bit of a spicy kick to it. I have a weakness for good fried chicken. Other new additions to the menu include a Hangar Steak with blue cheese compound butter, aligot puree and green beans (which I heard was also pretty darn good), fresh Catch of the Day and a new appetizer section featuring a selection of lighter choices such as daily soups and salads, tapenade and hummus spreads and a charcuterie plate.  They also feature a new cocktail menu for those who like a little pleasure with the business of a good meal. SU1SuWu opened about 10 months ago and occupies a splendid space on The Main. Located in the heart of Montreal’s bustling nightlife on the busy corner of Prince Arthur and St. Laurent, owners Nathan Gannage and Zack Macklovitch have approached the space in a completely non-pretentious way allowing for a comfortable yet versatile atmosphere. A mixture of exposed rough wooden walls, gleaming tiles and hanging plants makes for a rustic urban experience.The seating at central bar is the heart of the restaurant making it the place to be.

Service at SuWu is pretty good but when the restaurant fills up on their busiest nights of the week, be prepared to be patient. Like many other popular restaurants in the city, SuWu is a gong show from Thursday night through to Sunday. The waiters take pride in their work and that translates to our experience as guests in every way. With places like SuWu leading the charge among the up and coming restaurants in Montreal, they are keeping the scene cooler than cool but those who’ve loved SuWu since before cool was cool probably already knew that.

SuWu is open from 5pm to 3am six days a week and they serve brunch from 11am to 3pm on the weekends! 







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