Suite 701

Suite 701 has been atop my list of fun Old Montreal hotspots for as long as I can remember. Years ago I was captivated by the restaurant’s elegantly decadent décor and it’s where I first developed my love for drinks high above the crowds on the hotel’s airy terrace. From 5à7 to dinner I routinely return to Suite 701 for the fun vibe and energy the restaurant exudes. This past weekend I was invited to try their freshly relaunched and remixed weekend brunch menu and here’s what I thought. Suite 3I walked into Suite 701 early on Sunday afternoon with no idea what to expect. I hadn’t peek at the new menu at all so not to ruin the surprise. The soft sounds turned out by the DJ blended perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere. People chatted at their tables as the midday light bathed the restaurant in warm natural light. Not a bad setting after the rather crazy weekend I had been having. After a short moment, my friend and I were walked to a relatively secluded table where we were handed the squarely folded menus to open. Suite 10The first thing I noticed was that focus was shifted away from the regular eggs and bacon that often make brunch so easy to find anywhere. Of course there were eggs and bacon on the menu but nothing like I had expected. Almost everything is homemade and prepared in house. Besides the well-rounded selections of eggs benedict and omelets, they offer beef ribs, oysters, a vanilla parfait, fried chicken and more. I chose the homemade fried chicken (pictured above) with fresh baked English muffin, served with lemon wedges and maple syrup. The chicken was crispy, juicy and paired perfectly with the maple syrup and the lemon. I also tried the brioche with bacon tile. The mix of salty and sweet blended so well that I almost asked for one more to go (I regret now not asking for one!). My friend tried the macaroni and cheese made with aged cheddar, jalapeno and pangritata and also went with the homemade crumpets (pictured below), which were served with fresh lemon butter and blueberry butter. Suite 9The choice of appetizers and and main courses left me happy to see such an interest in a brunch revolution. As much as I like the breakfast standards its lovely to see a brunch menu whipped into a frenzy the way Suite 701 has pulled off.

Of course no brunch would be complete without drinks and we tried a couple of the afternoon cocktails that have been developed for the new brunch. I tried the potent Patrón Café with Frangelico, Galliano and crème while my friend when with a gentlemen’s mimosa, made from Kettle One Lemon, white beer, orange juice and pineapple juice. For coffee lovers who are weary of restaurant coffee, Suite 701 had some of the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant. An attention to detail that is often skipped.

The Suite 701 lazy Saturday/upbeat Sunday brunch is one to beat for freshness all around. It was truly enjoyable and I hope reading this made you hungry. For all the details on the menu prepared by Chef Yves Lowe, check out the Suite 701 website.

Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre 







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