Station W

Coffee consumption was at one time reserved for post meal punctuation, a delicious accompaniment to dessert and conversation. Times have changed and over the last twenty years we have taken our coffee out of the café and now take our joe to go, removing yet another possibility for social interaction and adding distraction and scalded hands to our shopping, strolling and the countless other sprints in our lives.

Despite the global move by bigger coffee chains to make caffeine consumption more mobile, the neighbourhood café is holding steady for those who don’t minding taking the time to sit and sip. The recently opened Station W on Wellington in Verdun reminds us that taking the time to relax and enjoy our company is still part of what it means to delight in a good cup of coffee. w2Station W opened just under a year ago in Verdun and business for Simon Defoy, Philippe Lortie and their gang has been growing ever since. Nestled along one of the busiest and evolving streets in Montreal, Station W is a evolving canvas that lets the patrons and their conversation be the colour that brightens the cafe. Moderately decorated, the café boasts a beautiful wall of curious treasures that is the focal point of the décor.

The seating also adds spots of colour while a large wooden table in the back of the restaurants is communal and comfortable. In an age where our connections less social interaction and more social media its nice that we sometimes have a chance to sit and open ourselves to possibly interacting with strangers. The coffee at Station W is astounding. Their espresso-based drinks are not complicated or pretentious.  Their short menu of Americanos, lattes and cappuccinos is easy and refreshing. Their food menu consists of deliciously creative takes on grilled cheese, veggie chili, soups, salads and of course café favorites like pastries and desserts, all freshly made from local ingredients. I’ve been a coffee drinker for many years and though there are certain larger chains I don’t mind supporting, nothing can take the place of the personalized experience of an independent coffee shop like Station W.

If you’re in the neighbourhood (Métro De l’Eglise) you should drop in and check it out. If you’re a coffee lover, you won’t be disappointed and you never know who you’ll meet or what might happen if you take the time to slow it down a bit and enjoy the scenery.







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