Old Montreal’s Most Epic Boozy Brunch

I’ve been a big fan of Méchant Boeuf for quite some time now. Their food satiates my hunger, their wine list has never let me down and the ambiance on a regular night is vibrant and radiates a good time. When it comes to brunch at this Old Montreal staple, I didn’t know what I was missing until I went last week. Believe it or not, this was my first ever boozy brunch.

mc%cc%a7chant-boeuf-boozy-brunch-djnl-4mc%cc%a7chant-boeuf-boozy-brunch-djnl-5For those of you who haven’t been for boozy brunch at Méchant Boeuf, the formula is simple; you order food from the rather extensive menu and for only $32 you can enjoy bottomless mimosas for two whole hours, starting with when you place your order. It’s perfect for those post Friday or Saturday night gossip sessions with your friends or a great way to kick off celebrations for the day.

mc%cc%a7chant-boeuf-boozy-brunch-djnl-8mc%cc%a7chant-boeuf-boozy-brunch-djnl-6The brunch menu is pretty extensive with Méchant Boeuf’s take on classics like avocado toast, chicken and waffles, beef and salmon tartar, steak and eggs, Benedictines and much more. We tried the avocado toast which was surprisingly zestier and spicier than I was expecting. We also tried the delicious and very flavourful salmon tartare. For main courses we did the chicken and waffles, topped with a tomato and corn salsa. The portion is small so if you’re monstrously hungry, consider adding a side dish. We also tried the beef tartare, a more subtle take on the dish.

mc%cc%a7chant-boeuf-boozy-brunch-djnl-13Adding to this wonderful formula, one a month Méchant Boeuf takes their boozy brunch to the next level with lively musical themed brunches. They have become very popular, starting with an homage to the 80s for the first round. The 90s followed next with a third music themed around the Saint-Jean holiday. Up next, on July 20th and 21st, the musical brunch will be Disney themed, right in time for the release of the live action “The Lion King”. In August, the brunch will be all about Drag Queens. You know you don’t want to miss that.

For more visit their website here.

Image credit: David Major-Lapierre





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