Modavie Bistro

There exists in the heart of Old Montreal a never ending selection of some of this city’s best restaurants. Though every year a new crop of eateries, diners and cafes open along many of Old Montreal’s narrow and winding roads, it’s nice to know that there are classics that never go out of style. Modavie Bistro is just such a place. Modavie is a charming wine bar and French bistro that is perfectly located on the corner of St. Laurent and St. Paul and easily identified by the bright red awnings that hang over its windows. Inside, the restaurant bustles with busy waiters and tables filled with people talking and laughing with each other. It almost feels like the rising sound of an orchestra’s instruments coming together.

Taking a seat at the restaurant, it’s not hard to notice that the décor is French inspired. From the towering vintage French posters that decorate the walls to the iron and wood staircase to the stain glass accents in the honey colored hallway that enters the kitchen, there’s no mistaking the detail used to create the atmosphere.  They also have a beautiful, well stocked bar that creatively uses space under the staircase to double as a display area for their fine spirits. Adding to the atmosphere is a nightly live jazz that flows through the restaurant from the second floor.

The food at Modavie is delicious. The filet mignon was succulent and the star of the show. Served simply with seasoned veggies and potatoes, you don’t need much more than a glass of wine or two to complete your meal; though dessert was tempting. Modavie is famous for serving an excellent rack of lamb, and if their steak is any indication, I’m sure their lamb will not disappoint.

To round out a great evening at Modavie, the service was impeccable. Our waitress was courteous and professional while being friendly and patient (especially with the crazy way I order steak) and she was accompanied by a wonderful gentleman whose perpetual good mood was infectious.

Whether we go to Old Montreal for a circus show or a night out on the town, we have come to expect to be wowed. A restaurant experience is no different and Modavie Bistro shines as an example of why certain restaurants never go out of style.







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