Lunch With Beatrice

Ristorante Beatrice is one of Montreal’s most iconic restaurants. The elegant simplicity of the decor, that amazing terrasse and its reputation for holding very high standards in cuisine make Beatrice an important piece in Montreal’s diverse tapestry of fine dining. 

unspecified-1Late last week a small group of Montreal’s media was invited to Beatrice to experience their new lunch menu. The new 3 course menu features fresh market-inspired dishes that change weekly, are severed in an hour or less and cost a total of $25.

unspecified-2unspecified-3We gathered at noon on the sun drenched terrasse and mingled with arriving guests while sipping on wine and Aperol spritz. The terrasse is a beautiful permanent structure that houses a tree as part of the front view. The roof was open, the air was fresh and cocktails kept us cool until we were brought to our places at the table. We chose two of the three courses and continued gabbing until the food was brought out.

IMG_7599IMG_7602 (1)I started with a deliciously light fresh pea salad that was topped off with a wild garlic pesto and honey ricotta. The blend of sweet and savoury was wonderful and the dish was perfectly presented. I followed the appetizer with a wonderful plate of green pea pappardelle pasta with a spicy basil pesto, grilled yellow zucchini, pine nuts and savello cheese. The plate was spicier than I expected which was wonderful. It added a kick to my afternoon. The pasta was tender but not overcooked, the pesto popped with basil and the pine nuts added a nice woody finish to the dish.

IMG_7605The dessert was a deconstructed cheesecake with a berry sorbet. Thought it didn’t last long on my plate, I can say that I love desserts that don’t leave you feeling like you shouldn’t have indulged. This was the perfect size and capped off the meal, leaving me feeling full but not stuffed, which is what a good lunch should do for us.

unspecified-4This was my first experience at the restaurant and I’m now very curious for more. In all my food travels throughout the city, my lunch at Beatrice was one of the best. I highly recommend you take an hour out of your day to treat yourself.

You can see more from Ristorante Beatrice here.

Image credit: Jade Wulfraat






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