L’Gros Luxe Deluxe


unspecified-6In a very short time, L’Gros has grown to become a neighbourhood favourite throughout Montreal. They recently opened their second Plateau location after transforming their original St. Andre and Roy location into the first ever entirely vegetarian L’Gros Luxe. 

unspecified-10Until this week, the new Plateau location (451 Ave Duluth E) was serving only food and alcohol free drinks but not anymore. They are now fully licensed which means you can order a famous L’Gros Luxe Caesar or any other cocktail, beer or wine with your meal.

unspecifiedunspecified-3unspecified-4We celebrated the launch of the restaurant last night with a selection of dishes served by the restaurant including delicious ribs, fried chicken sliders, tater tot poutine and more. We washed it all down gleefully with Ungava infused cocktails. L’Gros Luxe Deluxe offers everything that you can find in their other locations (including Mile-End, Plateau, Little Burgundy and Quebec City) but you’ll also find more robust choices exclusive to this location. L’Gros Luxe Deluxe also has an amazing covered and heated terrasse which means Montrealers have more time to squeeze as much out of the season as we possibly can. 

unspecified-9unspecified-8Alex and his team aim to have each restaurant reflect its neighbour’s distinctiveness and colour. No two are exactly alike but each one offers quality food and exceptional prices. We’ve been covering L’Gros Luxe lofty success since day one and we are always excited to see what else they have up their sleeves. Find out more about L’Gros Luxe Deluxe here!  

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