Le Richmond

Since opening in November of last year, people have been flocking in droves to Le Richmond in Griffintown. The restaurant’s energy at night is electric as people gather around the beautiful bar and their tables, laughing and enjoying the night.  The wait staff bustles around the busy restaurant while wrapped buoyantly in music turned out by a live DJ. Though known for being a nightlife hotspot, during the day something interesting happens at Le Richmond as the whole place changes.

I went for brunch for the first time last weekend and here’s how it went down. A friend joined me earlier that morning and we walked to the restaurant from the plateau.  The weather was sunny and the city was bathed in a light that makes you smile as the sun warms your face. Once we reached the restaurant and walked in, the sounds of quiet chatter and soft music filled the space. At night Le Richmond feels big but the controlled lighting allows them to play with the space. Rich1In the light of day, you get a better understanding of how big the space actually is. You can see all the detail of the work and restaurant’s imaginative design as sunlight breaks through the large windows. The brass shines brighter and the bold colours around the restaurant pop. During the day the energy is softer as people gather to catch up or talk about the crazy night they just had. The music accompanying the mid-afternoon brunch crowd is soothing but far from boring, giving the restaurant a relaxing vibe. Richmond_1The brunch menu is a tightly collected selection of delights that range from their take of the classic bacon and eggs all the way to a delicious trout gravlax (pictured below) and lobster benedict (pictured above). My first instinct was to try the classic but instead I went with the 8 oz. New York strip loin steak and eggs, which came with sliced potato hash browns and a chunky tomato sauce. That mixed with some really good coffee and a Bellini or two was a great way to enjoy a good brunch. Check out the full brunch menu here! Richmond_2The staff seems to be hitting their stride as they zig-zag around each other and enjoy their environment as much as the patrons. Our waiter was energetic yet softly effervescent and everyone from the runners to the bus boys were professional respectful of our space, a perfect atmosphere for great brunch.

Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre and Le Richmond 







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