L’Atelier d’Argentine

L’Atelier d’Argentine remains one of my favorite places to have a night out in Montreal. When DJNL was invited back to try a few items on their revamped menu I didn’t hesitate to say a big YES! Atelier d'Argentine 3The things I love about L’Atelier start at the entrance and build as I walk up the steps into the restaurant. With two spacious and very distinct dining rooms this restaurant stands out as something unique in the city. The stunning split décor has remained as fresh as the day the space was unveiled. The sparkling $50,000 Swarovski crystal globe still shimmers and shines in the light.

The key to keeping a restaurant fresh isn’t just all about maintaining a hot décor. Every now and then revamping a menu, without changing too much, can breathe some new life into our favorite eateries. Though they made a few significant changes, the classics remain (the empanadas are still there, they are not going nowhere). Argentinians love their steak and that’s a category all to itself. Atelier d'Argentine 8To kick the meal off we started with a couple of very potent ciapirinhas (pictured above) while we scanned the menu. We decided to start with the yellow fin tuna and the chorizo. Both were delicious, well seasoned and perfectly presented. For the main course, my guest chose the pan roasted lamb chop (pictured below) while I tried the updated chicken cutlet. Both dishes are safe choices. Neither dish was audaciously seasoned but both were cooked to perfection. For dessert the manager brought out selection of house desserts including a dulce de leche cookie and goat cheesecake. I’m not a fan of goat cheese but I was told it was delicious. Atelier d'Argentine 14After dinner the manager gave us a quick tour of the restaurant. We darted inside the temperature-controlled wine room and took a look inside the kitchen and the uber exclusive chef’s table.  Guests can dine here and partake in the craziness of the kitchen. We also visited the private dining room with a magnificent dining table. It was quite something to see. We were also reminded that they still have a fantastic late night menu available for the night owls. Atelier d'Argentine 18I love going back to l’Atelier d’Argentine and I’m sure I’ll be back again before long. If you’re in the area, drop in and see what they have to offer. It will be an evening well spent.

Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre  







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