Heat Up Your Winter With A Little Latin Flavour

When I was contacted by a rep from Three Amigos to come in a try the revamped restaurant I was initially hesitant. I hadn’t been to a Three Amigos since my early twenties and time had left my memories of the restaurant hazy to say the least. In the spirit of giving things another shot I accepted and just before Christmas I went with a couple of friends to see what they’d done to the place.

img_3369Back in 2004 there was only one Three Amigos location in Montreal (that I can remember at least…), the one on Saint-Catherine Street near the Faubourg Saint-Catherine. In its heyday, this part of Montreal was bustling with people and restaurants like Three Amigos were packed to the rafters.

img_3362Fast forward to 2018 and the restaurant is still in the same location. There are more locations now due to the restaurant’s success, but for nostalgia purposes I went back to the OG restaurant where 22 year old me knew that Corona and spicy salsa went hand in hand. The décor in the dining room as been fully revamped, it’s brighter, cleaner and much more modern – a more grown up Mexican eatery. Even the crowd seemed a little older (not old but more of an after work crowd mixed with tourists than just students) While some things remain a little questionable (like why the cushions are bolted to the walls) most of the experience at first glance was quite pleasant.

img_3371Once we were seated a plate of nachos and salsa were placed in front of us along with busy menus and some water. I remembered the salsa and chips right away (I’m glad some things never change) but from that moment on things became a new experience for me. Our waiter was excellent and it wasn’t just because we were there to write about the place and take photos. I saw him running several busy tables and his disposition with each table was as respectful and informed as with us. I appreciate that.

img_3378img_3398The food (and margaritas) was all very good. We tried an assortment of dishes including chicken and fish tacos, stuffed burritos, delicious quesadillas and spicy nachos. The menu also offers a bunch of Tex-Mex options like burgers and steak but we stuck with pure Mexican inspiration. While piping hot and sizzling, each dish respected and maybe even surpassed the standards set by Three Amigos. For a local chain of restaurants, Three Amigos offers good food and very reasonable prices.

img_3387For more, visit the Three Amigos website here.





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