Montreal is a great city to be in all year round but its an especially cool place during the warm seasons of spring and summer. As the temperature rises and the flowers begin to bloom we take to the parks, bike paths and terrasses, soaking up the glorious sunshine. Our terrasses are second to none and they transform our city into exotic gardens, chic gathering places and seasonal hotspots that attract hundreds of people daily. Here’s our list of not-to-miss terrasses this spring and summer. 

Terrasses Bonsecours

11390101_851061518277026_4483211102283616628_nLes Terrasses Bonsecours is a destination all to itself in Montreal. Located on its own island paradise, the complex features several bars, an excellent view of the city’s skyline and the St. Laurence River. Decorated with palm trees, colourful awnings and plenty of quiet corners, Terrasses Bonsecours is a great place to grab a glass of champagne or a cocktail and do some first class people watching. Opens May 19th. 364 Rue de la Commune East

Image credit: Terrasses Bonsecours

La Renaissance 

13083291_827904330648133_1044949035817934698_nA breath of fresh air, the rooftop terrasse of La Renaissance Hotel is a one of a kind hot-spot in downtown Montreal. Not only is it equipped to be used all year round, it boasts an excellent view of downtown while at the same time providing Montrealers and visitors alike a fresh new place to see and be seen in the city. The hotel opened only a few months ago so expect this terrasse to be one of the city’s busiest. 1250 Boulevard Robert-Bourrassa 

Image credit: La Renaissance Hotel


11951130_654115198037018_8734011689376606951_nPandore sits atop one of the busiest corners in the city. As the world zooms by below, the terrasse feels more like an extension of the elegant restaurant/nightclub. The view looks out over the western edge of the city and provides us with some of the city’s best summer sunsets. Given its proximity to so many cool places, Pandore’s terrasse is a great spot to grab a drink to kick off the night. 1300 Rue Saint Dominique

Image credit: Pandore

Terrasse Place d’Armes

11987140_987976594608774_8803953723820991823_nThe terrasse that sits on the rooftop of the Place d’Armes hotel may be Montreal’s most stunning (and it remains one of my personal favourites). Providing a 360 degree view of our city, the terrasse is a chic destination for great cocktails (the mojitos are out of this world), a light snack and soaking up some summer sun. 55 Saint-Jacques Street

Image credit: Terrasse Place d’Armes

Terrasse sur l’Auberge

10304791_771245792927124_4950323008156768132_nFans of fireworks flock to this terrasse because of its perfect view of the Jacques-Cartier bridge which is the backdrop of our annual fireworks festival. The Terrasse sur l’Auberge also gives us a unique view of both the rooftops of Old Montreal and the bustling quays of the Old Port that run along the St. Laurence River. Another very chic destination, this is the perfect place to enjoy a crisp glass of champagne while protected from the sun under the cool white drapes of the terrasse. 97 Rue de la Commune Est

The Village

13010758_511326142404378_8976627926547932181_nEvery year from May to September, Montreal’s Gay Village is closed off to traffic and becomes a pedestrian promenade. Featuring dozens of terrasses that roll out on the street, there’s no shortage of things to do and colourful people to see. The strings of pink balls that cover the street have become an iconic draw that is as anticipated as that first pitcher of sweet sangria. Notable terrasses in the area include Cabaret Mado, Saloon and headed to the rooftops, the rooftop terrasses of Sky and Unity are some of the city’s busiest. 

Image credit: SDC du Village

Tokyo Bar

Frisk2012May25-11Over the years, the landscape of the Main has changed quite a bit but a few cool vestiges of the past remain. Tokyo Bar is one of these places that seems to have all the ingredients it takes to keep attracting the masses. Tokyo Bar on St. Laurent features a sprawling terrasse that reflects Montreal’s grungy chill side. Its a great place to grab a beer and hang out for an hour or two. 3709 Boulevard St-Laurent

Image credit: Tokyo Bar

Pub St. Sulpice 

Le-Jardin-Terrasse-7Located in the Latin Quarter, St. Sulpice’s terrasse feels more like a park than a terrasse. Completely enclosed, this terrasse can be accessed on St. Denis and features cheap pitchers of beer and sangria. Leaning more towards the student crowd given its proximity to UQAM, the terrasse is great for weekend day drinking, people watching and catching up friends. 1680 Rue Saint-Denis

Image credit: Le Saint Sulpice Bar

Le St. Elisabeth 

post_display_cropped_open-uri20130807-25777-yvvzcfThe first time you see the St. Elisabeth Pub terrasse you don’t believe that it could be possible. Closed in on four sides, the terrasse is a garden of pure delight. Left mostly to nature, there are trees that climb towards the light and ivy vines that cover the walls. Providing excellent shade in the depths of summer, this green terrasse says cool due to the natural growth. The pub has an impressive selection of beer on tap but also does excellent cocktails. 1412 Rue Sainte Élisabeth

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