The South Pacific is having a big moment in the 514 and Boho in Old Montreal has joined the ranks offering its Miami-tinged take on the food trend (poke and popsicles to be specific) that has been successfully sweeping the city for the last couple of years. The thing about trends is they come and go and for a restaurant like Boho, which leans deep into this particular food obsession, the question will be, can it last?

img_4630An experience at Boho starts with a Popsicle bar store front that sells a plethora of delicious homemade popsicles which are a perfectly sweet summer snack. Moving past the bar Boho opens up into a retro-future Miami landscape where the walls are plastered with palm leaf wall paper (the type that’s seen it all in Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom), pastel, plastic and wicker furniture and neon lights that pipe around the restaurant and bar. The lights tie it all together and make the décor really pop.

img_4629The food consists of delicious poke bowls, inventive salads, savoury pizzas and much more. The quality of the food served (Venice, their sister restaurant fuels the menu) is spectacular. It’s the type of food that goes along perfectly with the type of night that you can’t possibly predict. You may want to be out for a quick bite at Boho but as the night rolls on and you and your friends order a couple of appetizers, you’ll find yourself there long past your bedtime and that’s ok because this is Montreal and sleep can wait.

img_4628Their cocktails help with this as well. Remember those Popsicles I just mentioned? Well, they find themselves swirled into several of Boho’s cocktails that are a little sweet for my taste (I love an Old Fashioned) but they pop with flavour and make for an excellent alternative to your run of the mill drink. If you’re a cocktail lover and you’re looking for something a little different these are worth trying.

Even though summer in Montreal is winding down, it’s important to remember that in a décor that’s inspired by Miami, sweltering city nights never go out of style. At boho, you’ll be transported to another world and you may not want to leave. It’s true that trends come and go but as long as the quality of the food served remains as high as it is at Boho, it can defy the odds and stand the test of time.





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