Le Mount Stephen Hotel

Montreal is a city teeming with awe-inducing structures, beautifully designed public spaces and buildings that reach high into the sky. Heritage Canada has done a wonderful job of protecting the rich heritage of the buildings that helps retain Montreal’s old world charm while sleek new additions are painstakingly added to keep our city looking to the future. Le Mount Stephen hotel opened earlier this week and the lavish new space is the latest structure in the city that bridges the gap between new and old.

vue-from-sky-loft-terraces“We are delighted to welcome Le Mount Stephen to our collection of exceptional hotels,” declares Deniz Omurgonulsen, Vice-President of Membership, The Leading Hotels of the World. “As an independent luxury property, Le Mount Stephen offers convivial elegance, ideal for today’s travellers, who are both curious and trendy.”

sky-loft-suite-queensky-loft-terrace-2The opening of the new hotel, restaurant and spa drew hundreds of Montrealers, all eager to get a peek (and be the first to Instagram story their night out) at the hotel owned bye Tidan Hospitality & Real Estate Group. An investment of over $20 million was poured into revamping, restoring and creating this wonderful new addition to the city. The opulent hotel was once the home of George Stephen, one of Canada’s railway pioneers before becoming the Mount Stephen Club, an intuition that lasted for nearly a century. The original structure features a decadent staircase that was built to fit a series of stained glass windows that were imported from Europe back in the late 1800’s. It’s hard not feel like you’ve walked into the past when you see this for the first time.

algonquin-roomThe original house acts as the main entrance for the hotel and the beautiful Bar George that sits to the left of the lobby. Guests will be able to enjoy lunch, dinner, cocktails and weekend brunch at Bar George while upstairs, several rooms, including George Stephen’s former bedroom, have been turned in meeting rooms of various sizes. You need to see Le Mount Stephen Hotel for yourself. It is breathtaking.

unspecified-4unspecifiedSome astonishing features of the hotel include a modern 5000 square foot ballroom, a sprawling Royal suite that features two terraces, a chef’s kitchen, a roof made almost entirely of glass and more. The hotel has 90 units, including 9 laid out for person with reduced mobility: 69 rooms, 16 suits, 4 sky-lofts and of course the ultra lavish, Royal Suite. Each room features at least 12 windows of various sizes and depths, making the Mount Stephen hotel one of the most unique hotels in Canada.

Le Mont Stephen and Bar George are both now open and ready to receive guests. We’re looking forward to seeing more of this hotel and restaurant very soon.

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