Hey Rosetta!

HeyCity and Colour may be the main attraction tomorrow night for the show at the Bell Centre but it’s the opening act that has me more excited. Hey Rosetta! hails from Newfoundland and have successfully garnered a following all over the world. Led by Tim Baker and his merry band of multi-talented musicians, they continue to churn out thought provoking, sometimes tongue in cheek but always fun music. I first saw them live (and even had a chat with Tim Baker himself) at Quai des brumes on St. Denis years ago and to now be preforming at the Bell Centre shows there’s nowhere but up for these guys!

Hey Rosetta! has been making waves since 2006 with the release of their first EP, Plan Your Escape and have follow that up with the critically acclaimed, Into Your Lungs in 2008 and Seeds in 2011. They also have dotted the Canadian musical landscape with singles here and there and in between.

If you’re a fan (like me), an hour or so of their live music is guaranteed to be a great time! For more information on tickets and times for tomorrow’s show, click here!








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