California Dreamin

maxresdefaultThe San Andreas fault will destroy the world, at least that’s what the trailer for the movie, opening in Canada and the US on May 29th, would have us believe. Long rumoured to be the crack that will be heard around the world, San Andreas (based on the fault line that runs down North America’s west coast) joins a long list of disaster movies that take aim at our biggest fears (aliens, ice ages, aliens, solar flares, aliens. The list is pretty extensive). Feast your eyes on the latest trailer below.

Pitting the Rock against a global, extinction level event means hope isn’t entirely lost; he will surely save some of us. Sure, we will lose a few cities here and there but humanity will go on. The best disaster movies are the ones that hit us right in the gut. Tsunami did it a few years back and did it well (that was based on actual events). San Andreas is a popcorn movie and makes Tsunami look like Gone with the Wind.

Featuring a sweeping rendition of California Dreaming by Sia, the trailer haunts, taunts and submerges us in rubble and water up to our necks. We will be in line to get shaken and stirred for a couple of hours. Are you excited to see this too?

Do your homework: Wikipedia has an extensive page on the San Andreas Fault. Read here to increase your anxiety levels before seeing the movie. If reading it scares you, it’s not my……..fault.







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