Building Blocks

On June 18th, Montreal’s Grévin Museum launched its first temporary exhibit. The World in Mega Bloks is a pretty straightforward name for the exhibit that features 300 hundred scaled down buildings made entirely from Mega Bloks. Featured among these buildings are some of the most recognizable skyscrapers, monuments, towers and attractions ever built.

megablocks_1Started as a passion project by Gilles Maheux, who got his inspiration from watching his son play with Mega Bloks as a child, has used over 2 million Mega Bloks to complete the collection for the exhibit. Maheux is a former architectural designer who abandoned his old career to develop miniature models with his son and the result is astounding. No matter how old you are, when you see this exhibit for yourself your inner child will squeal with delight.

lrsnvage2s9wqvs-dvt00g2o9xnwzojkxehinsmnfk4The exhibit, which is designed Ludovica Miniland, features three of Montreal’s towers (Place Ville Marie, la Tour de la bourse and 1000 la Gauchetiere), the CN Tower, a entire collection of some of New York’s most popular buildings including the recently completed One World Trade Centre, the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. The exhibit also features a very impressive replica of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. At a scale of 1:185, the mini version of the tower stands at 4.5 metres (the actual tower stands at 829 metres).

The World in Mega Bloks runs until October 4th at the Grévin Museum, located on the top floor of the Eaton Centre.

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