West Elm Market

westI stumbled onto West Elm Market by pure hazard. I was taking my time one snowy afternoon, walking back towards downtown from Verdun where I had spent a couple of hours sipping on excellent coffee with a friend of mine. I stayed my course through Griffintown when I saw the windows of the West Elm market and couldn’t help but go in.

West Elm Market is a combination décor stop/café and the perfect place for those décor fanatics who are always on the look out for something a little extra special for their home.  Montreal is home to one of four of their stores in Canada.

Tucked near a busy freeway in a beautiful brick building, the store has absolutely everything you could possibly need for a modern urban home. There are seasonal supplies (gardening, spring cleaning, etc.) a fun laundry section, drapery, a kitchen lovers dream section with all the tools you could ever need to entertain the heck out of your guests. They have their own lines of cookware and accessories; you can buy books on all sorts of topics and spend hours rifling through bedroom décor.

Part of an international group of stores that include Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma, West Elm is a store that aims to please us with comfort and style. It may be a little pricey but lots of fun and inspiration is in no short supply.








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