The Balnea Effect

A couple of weeks ago I attended a vernissage entitled l’effet Balnea or The Balnea Effect. The concept was simple enough – Jimmy Hamelin, a very talented local photographer, went to the Balnea spa in Bromont (Eastern Townships) and photographed people just before they entered the water circuit or had a massage at the spa. Once they had a chance to experience the spa’s effects, the photographer shot them again and from that was born, the Balnea effect.

2017-05-11_11314450_photo_by_jimmy_hamelin2017-05-11_12443902_photo_by_jimmy_hamelinIt’s incredible how much a spa’s calming effect can have on our minds and bodies. Balnea’s capacity to help us find our centre by calming our bodies and refocusing our thoughts is enhanced by the serene natural beauty that surrounds the spa all year round. I especially like the spa in winter. The snow covered landscapes are breathtaking in their star silence and solitude. Besides the running water of the spa’s various pools they only sound you’ll hear is that of the wind rustling through the trees.

16711968_1750688431611686_8057259003510190811_n16729042_1750688208278375_9055617295415908692_nThe series of photos taken of individuals depicting the Balnea effect was in itself calming. Seeing the smiling faces of those who had let the stresses of their worlds wash away helped us escape for a brief moment as well. You can see the gallery here.

A day at Balnea is a great way to break up the holiday stress and it makes a great gift for anyone wishing to take a moment to relax, especially you.

For more information on the spa, visit their website here.






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