Sweet Heaven

A couple of weeks ago at the first anniversary of le Petit Lapin Patisserie I was challenged by Viviane Nguyen, owner and creator of Petit Lapin, to take a bite of anything and come back to her if I didn’t like her take on sweet treats. I accepted the challenge and sampled almost everything she had on display and I went back to her before leaving with my report. Everything on table was organic, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, allergen free and to top it all of, everything was absolutely delicious!

PL2Petit Lapin was born from a mother’s desire to let her child have cake. Vivian’s son suffers from over 30 different allergies making it almost impossible for him to enjoy sweets, cookies or even a slice of birthday cake. Not wanting him to live without experiencing the joy of blowing out his birthday candles, Viviane set out to bake him a cake that he would be able to enjoy. The result is what gave birth to her company and a proprietary secret recipe for cakes, cupcakes and tasty desserts.

PL3Featuring a range of desserts including macarons (my favorite so far, without nuts), cupcakes, cream puffs, madeleines (my favorite so far) and mini donuts (my favorite so far) in a variety of flavours, Petit Lapin is levelling the market on sweets for those who wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy them.

PL4Perfect for showers, office parties, launch parties and more, Petit Lapin is up to the task of providing a healthy alternative to heavy sweets. Coinciding with the first anniversary, Petit Lapin is set to launch their e-commerce website. Starting on April 9, the company’s reach will stretch beyond Montreal’s city limits and you can visit that site here to get a glimpse at what they offer.

Viviane’s confidence in her products convinced me (not at all vegan) to try her version of my favorite sweets. Now, I dare you to do the same. When you taste those donuts or the chocolate madeleines you will find yourself wanting more.








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