Super Bowl Madness

Cronuts, butterscotch and anything handmade and sold at Crémy on Mount-Royal ave are my favourite things. A few years ago I wrote about how the butterscotch I bought at the pastry shop was so good I thought I might have actually gotten drunk off the fumes (there were actual delightfully potent fumes of scotch that wafted out of the jar when I opened it – amazing!). 

SaintCreme-600Crémy has come a long way since it opened a few years a go and Remy Couture has become a fixture at food festivals with the Crémy truck filled with yummy goodness. Remy has participated in some pretty big projects over the last couple of years and has made stops on TV shows like Donut Showdown on the Food Network, Signé M, Deux hommes en or, Sucré Salé and more.

Now Remy has taken to YouTube with his excellent new web series Sainte Créme (launched in French back in December) which features quick witty humour and quick delicious recipes that reach deep down and touch our soft spot for sweet buttery goodness. He is cooking up food for the soul, food for thought and in this clip, food for the Super Bowl.

Subscribe to his Youtube channel, follow him on Facebook and go gift shopping at Crémy on Mount Royal. He’s a local vendor who makes his food right here in Montreal with only the best ingredients and a lot of love. His videos are awesome.






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