Super Bowl 52

The Super Bowl is the Oscars of sports. The event is watched by tens of millions of people around the globe and while we can’t all be in Minneapolis to see Justin the whole event with our own eyes, we all find our own way to get together with friends and have a good time.

If gathering your crew and staying in for the show is your thing, you’ll probably spend most of the day cooking up plenty of snacks to stave off the hunger. Although my group of friends watch the Super Bowl for the halftime shows (hello Justin! – I hope we get to see Janet!), most of the fun is actually in the getting together. This year, MissFresh, one of Montreal’s many food delivery services, has teamed up with La Cage to create a massive selection of excellent snacks that are as fun to put together as they are easy to pick at from platters strewn across your coffee table.

The Big Game menu as it is called consists of 5 different delicious recipes, a time table explaining when and where to get started and the box you receive at your door (or for pickup at your local Metro grocery store) contains everything you’ll need to whip up a winning feast. Each box contains enough food for approximately 5 people. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

1409-12201-crispy-chicken-burger-1040x650-72dpi-7_754Crispy Chicken Burgers with Buffalo Sauce – Made from fresh buns and La Cage chicken fillets by Exceldor chicken, this recipe is a no brainer. Heat up your oven, pop in the fillets, cut up toppings and there you go. To create the buffalo sauce, simply combine butter and Frank’s hot sauce in a pot, bring to a boil and let cool.

1405-12133-spinach-di-1040x650-72dpi-7_165Spinach Dip with Crudités and Naan Bread – Another classic that’s perfect for watching the game, the MissFresh spinach dip is made from scratch by you by combining simple ingredients, cutting up fresh veggies and naan bread.

1404-12188-loaded-potato-skin-1040x650-72dpi-7_126Potato Skins Loaded with Bacon and Cheese – Just reading that description is enough to make me hungry. Potato skins are amazing and while I have never made them at home before, I never realized it was so easy! MissFresh provides the spuds, the bacon, the cheese and more and gives a play by play on how to put it all together.

1403-12135-sweet-and-sour-wing-1040x650-72dpi-7_286Chicken Wings in a Sweet and Sour Sauce – While MissFresh normally has us make absolutely everything from scratch, those guys know that we don’t want to spend the whole day missing the prelude sports event leading up to the halftime show. Again, with the help of La Cage and Exceldor, they provide a couple of boxes of prepared wings that we douse in a sweet and sour sauce made easily from scratch.

1407-12132-nacho-1040x650-72dpi-7_774Classic Nachos – This fun snack speaks for itself. Who doesn’t love picking through a plate of piping hot nachos to find the perfect amount of gooey cheese and sour cream. MissFresh once again provides us with all the ingredients, all we need to do is not eat all the chips before we pop them in the oven.

If you do happen to go pick your MissFresh box at your nearest Metro, you may want to make it a one stop shop for your beverage needs. As much as we like to watch the Super Bowl for the halftime show, we also prefer to switch in the beer for something a little more – wine. My good friend and Sommelière, Nathalie Richard has come up with a great selection of wines available at your local Metro (or any grocery store for that matter)  that have won us over in the past. These wines pair perfectly with everything from the food selected above to smoked meat poutine to pulled pork sandwiches and everything in between.

bu-france-merlot_previewbu-france-sauv-blanc-semillon_previewBù wines continue to make a lasting impression and knowing that it’s available in grocery stores is pretty awesome. There’s a great selection of both white and red – my favorite red being the Merlot and white being sauvignon blanc sémillon. The Shiraz from Twist of Fate is another wine that exceeds expectations.

wt_white_pinot_grigio_previewThe pinot grigio from Wallaroo Trail is perfect for getting things started while the cabernet-sauvignon from the same brand is a little bolder. I love making a big jug of sangria for events like this and this particular wine makes an excellent sangria.

standard-final-jpg-tof-shiraz-cabernet-sauvignon_previewWith MissFresh, Metro and all the wine you will ever need, you’ll be all set to sit around enjoying a perfect Sunday afternoon at home watching the Super Bowl amongst friends.

Food images courtesy of MissFresh

Wine images courtesy of DDMG







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