Soupçon Cochon

SoupI recently attended the 3rd anniversary of Soupçon Cochon on St. Laurent near St. Viateur and discovered what I’ve been missing all these years. The little soup and sandwich shop in Mile End serves food teeming in flavour with unique takes on everything from pulled pork to tuna, turkey and more. At the event we were treated to a taste of what this place can do and if you have a chance to head up to Mile End, drop in and try the food they make from scratch with fresh, local ingredients.

The event itself was a tight-knit affair that gathered friends, family, employees and clients to celebrate with the owners (two very busy and equally charming sisters).

Soup 2Mile End continues to develop, grow and change in a city where most (not all) of the cool has moved to the west end of the city. With thriving businesses like Soupçon Cochon keeping their neck of the Main as busy as ever, it proves the heartbeat of St. Laurent is still beating strong.

Special thanks to the guys from 514eats for having me join you!


Photo Credit: Toma Iczkovits for Soupçon Cochon







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