Say Cheese

Quebec is known for many for things and cheese is at the top of that list. We produce hundreds of different cheeses in regions across the province, each with its own distinctive flavour, texture and scent. 

IMG_3963At Provigo, they take cheese very serious. On opening day at the brand spanking new Provigo Le Marché in Ville Mont-Royal, we were invited by Chef Martin Patenaude and the Provigo team to learn to plate and photograph the perfect cheese platter. When we say that they take cheese seriously, we are not kidding. They have a glass enclosed, brass edged wall of over 400 cheeses, over 300 of which are produced right here in la belle province. Their vast selection features several award winning cheeses including, Baluchon, Oka L’artisan, Cheddar Perron Moyen and more. These have been given distinction at the Canadian Cheese Awards. You should pay this store a visit, it’s a food lovers dream come true.

IMG_3922IMG_3920After a brief introduction from Chef Martin, we received a few pointers from food photographer, Marie des beiges Magnan. She told us that the three main ingredients in snapping the right pic include the right lighting, the perfect angle and a well thought composition. When you get it right, your photo will get the attention it deserves. Pairing up the perfect cheese platter with the right beverage is also very important. On hand was a rep from Brasserie 2 Frères, a local micro-brewery specializing in delicious IPA, amber and white beers. Each beer (or ale) had a distinctive flavour and paired very well with the cheese.

IMG_3924IMG_3957Getting started on our plating, we chose our desired background, the cheeses that would be the star of the show and the accessories (including President’s Choice delicious mustards and wine jellies) that would eventually become subject to our photography. Each of us took care to grab exactly what we needed to personalize our photo. As you can see from my photos, I felt that more was more. Once we were done with our photography, the cheese, bread, grapes and nuts disappeared slowly, one by one. It was a delicious activity that got our creative juices flowing and we did it all for cheeses sake.

To learn more about Provigo and Provigo Le Marché, visit their website and to see (and like) our official cheese photo, check out our Instagram @dayjobnightlife.






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