Place Ville Marie’s Food Hall Is Open

Construction has been a huge part of life for Montrealers lives since the beginning of time (or at least it feels that way) but some of that hard work is finally paying off. Le Cathcart, Place Ville Marie’s new food market opened earlier this year and has proven to be a powerhouse, downtown attraction.

Featuring an astonishing choice of restaurants including Uniburger, Ha, Omnivore and many more, Cathcart also boasts two bars, three sit-down restaurants with table service and a drink service at your table, no matter where you sit. 

With a beautiful glass ceiling providing an excellent, never before seen, view of downtown, a packed 5a7, great food and drink and an inviting decor, Cathcart stands out as the standard by which food halls of the future should be judged. It was worth the wait.

Image credit: David Major-Lapierre






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