Méchant Beouf

Mechant Beouf recently celebrated their 5th anniversary and we were there with the crowds to party it up in Style.  Celebrated over two nights, it all started on Thursday with a 5à7 and a blowout birthday bash on Friday, the restaurant pulled out all the stops and showed the guests a very good time.

For the 5à7 on Thursday night, the bar was packed with people who were drinking faster than the cocktails, beer and wine could be poured up.  The restaurant was teaming with people and from our vantage point, near the bar; we couldn’t see an empty table.  Not one, but two DJs (DJ E11even and DJ Alex May) kept the crowd company during the evening and the 5à7 went way into the much happier hours of the evening, as is usual in Montreal.

Friday night was a much bigger scene.  The party had been expanded into the beautiful Salle Royale, which neighbors the restaurant.  After getting our VIP bracelets we marched into the Salle and started hydrating with some of the best (and strongest) G&Ts on the planet.  The crowd was young, cool and having nothing but a great time.  Then, the band started.  In grand style, Mechant Beouf chose local music mavericks, Bran Van 3000 to help the guests party the night away.  They blew the roof off the party with loud, in your face, amazing music (Discosis is still one of the best albums ever) and they ended the night with a little Drinking in LA.  It never gets old. 

After the show, we headed back into the restaurant and gave their new late night menu a try (served from 11pm to 1am).  We do love that in Montreal, you can get a menu past 11pm.  It’s a civil hour to eat.  Known as bouffe tard (quite simply meaning eat late)The menu is short and sweet, providing perfect late night bites to accompany that great bottle of wine, or a cocktail, or whatever your taste buds desire.

With a celebration like this, there’s no wonder as to why people keep coming back to Mechant Beouf for more. 

Here’s to the next 5 years and way beyond.







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