Motor City

In just under a month (June 7-9), race fans and jetsetters alike will flock to Montreal from around the globe for the most exciting sporting event of the year; Montreal’s Grand Prix.

While the hardcore fans will undoubtedly spend every minute they can at the races (I hear the buzz and hum of the cars racing around the track from my apartment, so it’s like I’m there!), off the track, there’ll be plenty for everyone to do in the city during the day. Typically, many of the main streets in the city are closed off to traffic (St. Catherine, St. Laurent etc.) allowing stores and restaurants to spill out onto the streets along with thousands of people singing, dancing and shopping, creating a vibrant and one of a kind atmosphere.

At night, our city’s best night clubs and restaurants are at capacity and the 72 hour party seems to never stop (why would we want it to?).

For a selection of some of the most fantastic restaurants in Montreal, click here.

For more information on the races, check out the official website for Montreal’s Grand Prix!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines and get ready for one wild weekend!






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