Le Sieur d’Iberville

There are two seasons in Canada, Hockey season and whatever happens when hockey isn’t taking over our lives. In Montreal, this is amplified by 1000% because we have the craziest, most devoted hockey fans on the planet. That’s why during hockey season in our city, there are no limits to where we can catch the latest game. Hockey SI 6If you’re like me and you like to gather with your friends around a few drinks during a game (even during the nail biting third period game winning shots!) then you may want to check out le Sieur d’Iberville during their game nights. Hockey SI 3First of all, the smell of the wood-fired oven slow roasting delicious rotisserie chicken will hook you. The food is some of the most delicious, well prepared food you can find on the Plateau. The nachos (which were recently raved about by our friends, the Montreal Food Divas) are outstanding and the burgers are absolutely mouthwatering. Hockey SI 2Second of all, the atmosphere is cozy, warm and inviting with enough space to fill the place up without cramming you into a corner. For someone wishing to watch a game in good company with a comfortable atmosphere, Le Sieur d’Iberville is a great place to be. The restaurant is easy to get to, there’s plenty of parking and there’s a giant screen (and plenty of other screens at almost every vantage point) to watch the game. Hockey SI 4Thirdly, they serve beer in growlers. Growlers hold 2 liters of beer, which means less time ordering and more time watching. From now until May, Hockey will be the talk of the town (and in this town especially). Sit back, relax and hope that this year the boys bring the cup home!


Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre







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