Knowing Your Virgin

Montreal hotspot, Rosalie (read our recent review here) recently hosted a special event in their private dining room that shed light on something we use everyday but we may not know that much about, extra virgin olive oil. EVOO expert and connoisseur, Robert Beauchemin was invited to present a quick talk about the benefits and hazards of choosing the right (or wrong) type of oil and how make more informed purchases means eating healthier and more flavorful foods.

EVOO IVNot all oils are created equally and over time an opened bottle of olive oil will lose its healthy properties and flavor. We learned that rancid oil can be toxic and that it should only be mixed with herbs and spices when used freshly. Also, reading the label and understanding where your oil comes from can save you the heartache of a sadly dressed salad. Though olive oil is produced around the world, the techniques for extraction were developed in Italy where some of the most sought after olive oil produced.

EVOO VAbout 30 of us gathered in the beautiful private dining room, surrounded by a wine collection that could make the most avid wino fall a sunder. Throughout the evening we snacked on olive oil inspired treats like grilled chicken sliders, crab and avocado wraps and even brownies.

Not to bad for virgin anything.


Photo credit: David Major-Lapierre 








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