It’s Been A While

It seems every day there are new or perpetually updated measures in place to keep us on our toes while keeping us socially distant from practically every person we encounter on a daily basis. While we are still adjusting, and will be for quite some time, we’ve made it through an unexpectedly odd summer. We’re likely no longer becoming emotionally overwhelmed while picking up groceries but we’re not in the clear yet. Swerving curveballs in 2020 has become the new normal. 

The city’s mouthwatering food scene is still firing on all cylinders and as we head into autumn, we’re also heading once again into the unknown. While we will still be talking about our favourite take-out spots or the places and people who will brave the elements on the last terrasses of the season, I want to take an opportunity to write about the nightlife at home. Gathering together safely to share a meal with friends and family is going to be more important than ever this fall so I will be sharing my favourite recipes and the wines to go with them.

My intent was to let this blog lay dormant until we returned to a place where the frivolity of wondering what to order from our favourite restaurant’s menu was our biggest concern. Seven months later, it seems that it’s slept enough (I’ve been itching to write all summer long) and is ready to come out of hibernation. In a world where the nightlife is somewhat hazardous at the moment, where does a blog about Montreal’s nightlife fit in? Well, like everything else, we will have to pivot and adapt. If nightclubs like Soubois and la Voute can transform into temporary cabarets, Day Jobs and the Nightlife can also jazz up quiet* nights at home for as long as it takes. 

*quiet is relative. Sometimes things get perfectly out of hand.






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