Extended Play

This is happening!

It’s been confirmed that for four consecutive weekends during the summer, 19 bars across the city will be playing with extended hours. This means alcohol will be served until 5:30am and closing time will be 6:00am. Running Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from June 12 to July 5, if successful, this trial run will become a permanent fixture, further cementing Montreal’s “party city” reputation.

The list of guinea bars are:

On Crescent – Ziggy’s Pub, Burger Bar Crescent, Bar Électric Avenue, Bar Seven, Sir Winston Churchill Pub, Xotica, and Club Extreme.

In the Quartier Latin area – Le Bistro à Jojo, Point Bar, Café Hookah Lounge, Bar Passport, Pub I’Île Noir, Pub l’Abreuvoir, Loup-Garou, Bar Diablos, En Cachette, Le Saint-Rock Brasserie, Brasserie Artisanale l’Amère à Boire and Pub Quartier Latin.








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