Eating Is Believing

When a trend hits Montreal, you can bet that it will spread like wildfire. From one side of this city to the next, restaurants offering variations on comfort food for very reasonable prices have been opening, one after the next. L’Gros Luxe has made a fortune doing it and now boasts three locations in Montreal, one on the South Shore and one opening soon in Quebec City. On Masson street, le Pot Masson has taken similar strides in starting their own burger driven empire. 

On St. Denis, Cinko has laid claim to the ever popular Latin Quarter with their very own menu of delicious food priced between five and nine dollars per order. With a sense of sharing food with the table, going out has never been more familial or more affordable.

11221469_994486867248442_5674937714842261085_nDuring peek times of the day, Cinko has a line-up out the door and a door manager is required to make sure the restaurant remains manageable. The tables are full and the waitstaff is running from one end of the restaurant to the other delivering food and drinks. The atmosphere is frantic and bombastic from the table chatter to the black, white, yellow, blue and red decor.

The food is rather impressive with a selection of tacos, burgers and other various items that are meant to quickly quash hunger. Places like Cinko exist for those who enjoy the most relaxed type of restaurant dining possible. Being in the Latin Quarter, many of the tables are filled with students from UQAM but there’s a healthy mix of people from all walks of life who love eating good food.

The promise of a five dollar meal seems almost too good to be true but eating is believing and I can attest to the fact that the food at Cinko is worth more than the five to nine dollars you’ll pay for your food and if you have the patience, definitely worth the wait.

Case closed.






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