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We live in a somewhat hectic time. Our society seems to move at a breakneck speed with work, friends, family and everything in between taking up our time. It isn’t always easy for singe people to meet Mr. or Mrs. right. For those serious about giving up the single life, it can be daunting and patience really must be virtuous. We don’t want to meet in bars, we don’t want to hook up online and with busy lives it’s tough to dedicate any real time to searching for the perfect mate.

One very interactive option in the dating world for busy people of all sorts is speed dating. Speed dating is one of the most hassle free ways a busy urbanite can meet new people without having to sift through all the riff raff found in bars or online.

ddIn Montreal one of the premiere speed dating companies is Dashing Date, a company that takes your desire to meet new people as seriously as you do. With a rigorous selection process, Dashing Date prefers to select individuals based on a number of factors and set up smaller meetings to allow for a more concentrated evening of romantic networking.

To sign up is easy. You create a free profile much like you would on any dating site. You list your likes, your personality traits, age and what you are looking for and through the Dashing Date selection process you may be chosen to predicate in one of their many group meetings held throughout the month. Dashing Date offers Date-Working meetings, Speed Dating and very soon will be offering one on one dates as well.

I recently sat in on a speed date night and I was pretty impressed with what I saw. The company’s owner, Kavita Ajwani explained to me how it works. Each date during the evening lasts about seven minutes before a gong is sounded and you move onto the next person. At the end of the dates there is a period reserved for mingling and chatting with the people who inspired you most.

Putting the Dashing in Dashing Date, etiquette plays a major role in all Dashing Date events. Cellphones should remain in your pocket and dressing to put your best foot forward is a sign of looking well but putting in the effort it takes to look good. For a complete list of all the do’s and don’ts of dating you can check out Dashing Date blog here.

Dating isn’t always easy. As much fun as it is to get dressed up and go out on the town to meet new people, it isn’t always fruitful and overtime can become discouraging. Dashing Date aims to make the dating process a little less daunting and a lot more fun.

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