Blurring The Lines Between Chocolate And Art

Walking into the Lecavalier Petrone atelier in Pointe-Saint-Charles, the scent of cocoa power is enrapturing – and that’s just the beginning.  The awakening of our senses as we enter the quaintly chaotic, brightly lit work space and storefront begins softly with scent and explodes with flavour the second we crack into one of their inventive and beautifully decorated chocolates.

lecavalier-petrone-day-jobs-nightlife-david-major-lapierre-3From start to finish, Lecavalier Petrone strives for perfection. The gourmet chocolates that are handmade and painted in house are so visually stunning, eating them is almost criminal (a crime I am more than happy to repeat over and over again). Not devouring these confections, however, would be a disservice to their creators who have packed a whole lot of passion and flavour into their fourteen different chocolates.

lecavalier-petrone-day-jobs-nightlife-david-major-lapierre-4Lecavalier Petrone was born from the brilliant talents of Chloé Migneault-Lecavalier and Loïse Desjardins-Petrone, a dream team of two young Montrealers who have all the ingredients for stellar success. Both women, who to this day remain the only official employees providing hundreds of perfectly packaged chocolates to shelves in stores around the city, are delightfully down to earth but are also inspiringly serious about what they are creating. Chloé’s impressive and artistic background in baking has lead to the creation of the chocolates while Loïse’s background in communications and savvy business sense has given them a platform to succeed.

lecavalier-petrone-day-jobs-nightlife-david-major-lapierre-8Presenting a box of Lecavalier Petrone chocolates is a delightful experience all to itself. For someone unaware of what awaits them, the striking packaging is only the beginning. Sliding the pure white box open, the chocolates themselves provide a second visual experience that needs a moment to be appreciated.  Each boldly and painstakingly painted chocolate is unique and different colour combinations represent the flavours that are hidden inside. From the explosive passion fruit caramel to the deeply flavourful fig and earl grey, each chocolate is a pleasure that you will want to experience for as long as possible. Letting the chocolate melt in your mouth while taking the time to savour the moment is worth every second that has gone into it’s creation.

lecavalier-petrone-day-jobs-nightlife-david-major-lapierre-7Not only can you sink your teeth into chocolate at Lecavalier Petrone, they also provide made-to-measure services to weddings (including guest gifts and astonishing wedding cakes), corporate events and more. You can learn more about that, and where in Montreal you can purchase their chocolates, here.

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Image credit: David Major-Lapierre






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