2017 marks the 30th anniversary of Aids Community Care Montreal (ACCM) and to celebrate this monumental milestone the non-profit organization is inviting you, their supporters and members, to join them in celebrating their success during an evening of art, dancing and more.

ACCM is a volunteer-driving, English-language community organization that provides services for those living with HIV or hepatitis C. Their leadership in the community and compassion continues to inspire thoughtful conversation on education, discrimination and prevention of HIV and hepatitis C.

accm_cover_event_facebookOver the last thirty years the ACCM has helped those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and their contribution to people and various organizations across the city is commendable.  On October 14, Le Livart on Saint-Denis will be decked out for the ACCM’s well-deserved 30th anniversary party which runs under the theme, Ride. Featuring an exhibition titled Ride by Montreal-based artist, Pony the night kicks off with the exhibition from 7 to 10pm and then the party continues until 3am.

Tickets are on sale for $100 and proceeds will help the ACCM continue to provide life-saving services. You can pick up your tickets and get more information right here.






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