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Last week we attended the official opening of Terrasse sur l’Auberge, an amazing rooftop terrasse located in Old Montreal. You can read about the opening here. When putting together the article, we came across so many great pictures of the food and drink served on the terrasse we couldn’t help to put something together to entice you to come hang out with us all summer long! Check out our 9 delicious reasons to hang out on the rooftop below!

IMG_53571. The Cocktails. Every great 5a7 needs great cocktails or sangria and le Terrasse sur l’Auberge doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t hurt that these cocktails are delivered to your table by a handsome cast of waiters and waitresses. It’s all about the view after all. Oh, also, there’s a great view of the river.

IMG_58022. Champagne. Because wether we are winning or losing, we must have champagne and Terrasse sur l’Auberge is always ready to pop the cork. The Moët et Chandon Ice cocktails are pretty awesome. If Champagne is your game…

IMG_57803. You can choose a draft beer. The terrasse has a couple of great beers on tap on the roof. Perfect for that hot summer day where all you want is a beer on a rooftop. Crisp, cool and refreshing!

IMG_54884. Day drinking made easy with wine. The Terrasse also features a pretty sweet wine list that makes your day drinking that much easier. Get into a little trouble on Sunday afternoon and have a bottle of your favorite chardo while baking in the sun. Push that Monday out as far as possible. You never know where day drinking will take you.

IMG_53125. The food. Yes, we eat but only when the food is really good. Over the last few years Montreal has come out of its shell as heaven for oyster lovers and Terrasse sur l’Auberge is no exception to shucking. You can have them naked or dress them up with lime and Sriracha or bloody Caesar or….

IMG_54566. Go with seafood. Montreal has become as seafood savvy as any of our Country’s coastal cities and there’s no shortage when it comes to the imaginative ways we can dress it up.

IMG_54537. If tartare is your thing, you might want to give this one a try. Shrimp, mango and avocado all dolled up with a little salad is refreshing and goes well with that wine we mentioned a little earlier.

IMG_53358. All turf, no surf. If you’re feeling a little hungrier than just a nibble, the Terrasse’s menu also features more robust choices like this pasta dish. It looks so good. I’m so hungry.

IMG_57219. Delicious meats and more. If you’re not hungry yet, you might want to check your pulse. A little confit de canard goes a long way.

We hope you’re not too hungry after reading this. Ok, maybe a little. When we saw the pictures of all the food we tried at the opening we wanted to share them with you.
We wanted to make you drool over the images, we wanted you see what you need to try while looking out over the city but most of all we want you to come over and say hi when you see us up on the roof stuffing our faces and day drinking the weekend away.

Image credit: Steve Walsh






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