Standing Statement

The clothes we wear says a lot about the type of people we are. We express how we are feel, our sense of style, our strengths, our weaknesses and our views by simply putting on the clothes that help us dress these things up. We are each a walking billboard of personal expression and our clothing choices simply shine a spotlight on that billboard. Views For Change (VFC) is a locally ran, American manufactured fashion line started earlier this year in Montreal that targets fashion forward thinkers off all shapes and sizes who seek comfort, style and who have an urge to make a difference.

d7UgOUL7B9UTf-QhQd1jbleG_TwVrFo9shOKl25p-U8CdHJC1x_hbaCcIokvIJr1tjCiLCYCADR2g5NZ-Z7QrMVFC is a street wear brand that through its unisex line of ready to wear clothing hopes to make a change in our diverse community. By creating awareness around North America for charities that support causes which hit close to home, VFC hopes to lead others in promoting those who help our various communities year after year. VFC works hand in hand with a chosen charity each year to develop events and activities that bring awareness to their cause. At the end of each campaign a percentage of money raised goes directly to the charity to help them further their cause and continue to help those in need.

pHeaDYSZnzI0kLRIdhoYCeoTkr75WAAaGMOryX7OfMo,aPfPxztn3m7zf_YcUiQjnNhWfJZo6hbnw75hrym_POAR2IPIxdyJ5z2wq2DZU8cq7aAhX5VJSuppsMv9D2UOlwFor their first campaign, VFC and the company’s creator and head designer, Sabrina Silvano have teamed up with Plan Canada, a global movement for change that mobilizes millions of people around the world to help support social justice for children in developing countries. Since 1937, Plan Canada has raised money to give children, families and communities the tools they need to build sustainable solutions to improve their own lives. Focusing on health, education, protection and economic security, Plan Canada now operates in 70 counties, 51 of which include developing countries across Africa, Asia and the two Americas.

4OZ80N3ChMIwWYU_ry718v8xB8vnVooitMewPAVuFpMFor more information on VFC, visit their online store at where you can support their campaigns and become part of the change you wish to see in the world.






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