Rigor Lux

Canadian based designer, Miranda Murray has been making waves in the fashion industry for quite some time. As the emerging luxury brand’s head designer and creative director, she is taking aim at our tough winters by proving that buttoning up against the elements doesn’t have to mean compromising our style. Rig 5At a premiere launch event held a few weeks ago at the Hudson’s Bay flagship store in downtown Montreal, I spoke to the designer about Rigor Lux and her dedication to helping us all look our best. She revealed that she couldn’t be happier about having her designs showcased at Hudson’s Bay, Canada’s oldest and most historic department store chain. Rig6While sitting with the designer for a few precious minutes, we discussed Rigor Lux and what inspired the brand’s name. Rigor means meticulous and inflexible and lux is the measure of luminosity (for more details like this, click here to reach the brand’s about page)  . Though a little weary from being on her feet all day, she still beamed with effervescent energy and was excited to have us all there. While her guests gushed over how great the coats felt and looked, we chatted about her experiences in Turkey and her start in New York but the conversation also took us back home. Rig2With both of us hailing from Newfoundland, the conversation, though quick, was familiar and engaging (we let down our guard because that’s what Newfoundlander’s do when we meet). She was soft spoken but quite knowledgeable when it came to fashion and how she creates her garments. I learned that she is very hands-on with everything from choosing the fabrics and materials used in the development of her collection. She oversees a team of tailors, each with over 30 years experience who work tireless to ensure the quality of the structure, stitching and style of each piece. Rig1Currently based in St. John’s, Newfoundland (but frequently in New York), Murray cites British, French and Italian craftsmanship as the influence behind her designs. The outerwear brand’s debut collection of exquisitely structured garments is made only from the finest materials and are meticulous tailored. She also told me that it was her grandmother’s keen fashion sense that first inspired her drive to be in fashion. Rig 3Rig4Rigor Lux official launch has been a massive success. Murray has already carved out a loyal following with her high quality garments for both men and women. She has proven that hitting the proverbial “jackpot” in fashion has nothing to do with luck, but everything to do with style, substance and rigor. For more information on the designs and availability, visit their website. Photo credit: Rigor Lux







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