PK Subban

11928744_10153579644228134_4828079340026575014_nMontreal Festival Mode&Design promotes local brands and helps fashion enthusiasts discover new artists and designers. From August 15th to the 20th, Montrealers attending the festival had the possibility to participate in conferences, visit on site pop-up shops, fashion shows and of course, the VIP private events!

Tuesday, August 16th, the famous hockey player, PK Subban invited the media to preview his new RW&Co. collection at a private launch. Un bon vivant, he surely knows how to have a good time. At the show, we celebrated the six years he spent in Montreal as well as his first year anniversary as RW&CO brand ambassador. The PK Subban fans ascertain that he is definitively part of Montreal’s eclectic fashion history. For Subban, he associated himself with the best team, ensuring a phenomenal night.

DJ Fafa Khan provided the soundtrack for the night, allowing us to party like PK. During the show, he was always smiling and having as much fun as he always does. The DJ had us all singing, dancing and laughing with every Hip-Hop song she played. The great atmosphere of the cocktail, including wonderful drinks and canapés, made gave way to presentation of the elegant and sexy suit collection.

PK walked the runway looking like the next James Bond. He also had his brothers proudly walking in suits he designed. For more information about PK Subban collection or to purchase in awesome suits go visit the RW&Co. website.

Image credit: George Pimentel






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