Montreal is one of North America’s most naturally fashion forward cities. We are lucky to have so many talented designers that keep pushing fashion beyond its limits while daring us to step outside our comfort zone. Nico Bilodeau isn’t new to Montreal’s fashion scene but his new collection is finally ready for us covet. Last week at an exclusive preview launch of his new collection at the fabulous W Hotel, he simultaneously launched his online boutique,, giving a broader audience a look at, and access to, some of his most fascinating clothing for men. NICO-W-030Guys haven’t always had a lot of choice when it comes to having our fashion stand out in a crowd. Over the last few years we have been stepping up our game by challenging our perceptions of masculinity though our style choices. Nico, through his visionary talent and envelope pushing collections has capitalized on our newfound ability to express ourselves with new menswear trends, flawless design, colourful patterns and luxurious fabrics.

NICO-W-008NICO-W-005NICO-W-004NICO-W-015At one of the W Montreal’s penthouse suites we were introduced to structured joggers, lightweight camisoles, bright colours and patterns and a very excited designer who, through his new online boutique, is ready to take Montreal and Canada’s most fashionable men by storm. Inspired by and named after the streets of our city, Nico’s designs are structured yet easy to wear and guarantee that you will standout.

48NICO-PE201643NICO-PE201631NICO-PE201623NICO-PE2016You can see here from images taken from the NICO lookbook, his clothing are not for the faint of heart but instead for the man who wants to be noticed, who expects you to talk about what he’s wearing and leaves you with a lasting impression. You can visit the online boutique here and of course check him out on Facebook and Instagram @nicomenswear

We are looking forward to much more creativity from Mr. Bilodeau!