Men’s Care Trends

When it comes to taking care of our personal well-being and our appearance, men are lightyears behind women. We have however been taking baby-steps out of the mud-covered man cave over the last 15 years and leading cosmetic companies like L’Oreal, Khiels and Biotherm have taken notice. There are now almost as many skincare lines for men as there are for woman and now Clarisonic, the world’s best facial cleanser aims to clean the last of the cave away with their man-made Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Alpha_Fit_KO_V2A group of Montreal’s manliest men gathered at Station 16 on St. Laurent a couple of weeks ago to learn a little more about Alpha Fit from Clarisonic as well as the new men’s line from Viktor & Rolf. The team behind Viktor & Rolf have developed a well rounded line of cleansers, shave cream, razors and other products to help us look our very best. At the event we experienced our first ever cleansing with the little machine that fits perfectly into the palm of our hands and the result was probably the cleanest my face has ever been. Before all the cleaning took place at N2 salon, we devoured burgers and other delicious bites from Diablos BBQ and sipped on cocktails by Remy Martin and Botanist vodka.

Screen shot 2012-04-14 at 12.00.16 AMWe walked away from the event with our very own Clarisonic Alpha Fit to try at home, as well as a bottle of Viktor & Ralph Spicebomb. The cologne was made to attract curious noses and compliments. After trying the machine for almost two weeks now I won’t ever go without it again. My face feels deeply cleaned, my beard is no longer a nesting ground for germs (as we learned it often is) and best of all no more blemishes. Once its fully charged it’s good for almost an entire month so travelling is a breeze without having to drag around yet another charger or cord.

Alpha_Fit_boxbeautyLadies, this one is just for us but feel free to get one for the important men in your life. The brush is made to deep clean our coarse skin and beards and it works like a charm. Guys, I guarantee you won’t regret making this part of your daily cleansing routine. For more information, visit the Clarisonic website here.






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