La Petite Garçonne and Chapitre 2

Three years ago La Petite Garçonne was born. Boutique 1861 had gotten so popular with shoppers from around the world that the dainty and aesthetically pleasing clothing couldn’t be contained in one or two simple stores. La Petite Garçonne offered a generation of woman a French inspired collection of clothing an accessories.

unspecified-1unspecified-2When the store celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary a couple of weeks ago, they simultaneously and ceremoniously opened Chapitre 2, an add on to La Petite Garçonne that’s located just up the street and up stairs from the original. The spinoff store features more accessories and clothing that can similarly be found at LPG.

unspecifiedWith a successful online store, several boutiques throughout the city and a knack for Instagram ready decor, the Boutique 1861 group continues proving that success depends on drive, accessibility and knowing what their customers want.

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