Boss Bottled

A man’s cologne is as personal and subjective as any piece of clothing he owns. When actor Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek, Marvel’s Thor, Marvel’s Avengers), the new ambassador for Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss, took on the role of promoting the classic fragrance he did it not just because it comes from a prestigious brand or because it smells so good. He connected to the brand’s positive message of what it means to be a man today.

boss_bottled_gearshift_video_previewThe man of today campaign embodies integrity and honesty. A man is only as good as his word, his convictions and his compassion. Boss Bottled feels fresh right out of the bottle then follows with middle notes of delicate geranium and spicy clove and finishes off with masculine base notes of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver. The fragrance is a powerful scent that reflects the qualities of the campaign that attracted Hemsworth in the first place. His parents bestowed upon him an integrity that he hopes to pass onto his own children.

boss-bottled-hugo-boss-78-for-50mlboss-bottled-tonic-hugo-boss-78-for-50mlPersonal thoughts: I’ve been using Boss Bottled (and Boss Bottled Tonic; both pictured above) for a couple of months. Where Tonic’s freshness was perfect for hot summer nights, Boss Bottled has a warmer scent that’s tailor made for fall. With that being said, I enjoy both fragrances no matter the time of year or the time of day. They both stand out.

Boss Bottled is available in Montreal at The Hudson’s Bay Company. Chris Hemsworth is back on the big screen as Thor in Thor: Ragnarok this November. 





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