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  • What To Do This Weekend

    What To Do This Weekend

    Summer may be coming to a close but we are clinging to the last vestiges of a busy season in Montreal like cats to a cashmere sweater. This coming weekend we continue denying that fall is at our doorstep with a couple of big events that will have us heaving a last hurrah for our…

  • Terrasses Bonsecours 2017

    Terrasses Bonsecours 2017

    The summer season is more or less upon us and so far this year we’ve been taking it one day at a time. Mother Nature has been playing coy by giving us the cold shoulder one day and leaving us hot and bothered the next. One place that makes it a little easier to appreciate…

  • Get The Party Started

    Get The Party Started

    Terrasses Bonsecours officially opened a couple of weeks ago, ushering the exclusive Old-Montreal venue into a very busy season of warm weather, cool cocktails and coveted VIP parties that will surely have the town talking. The opening party, expertly executed by the lovely Jillian Zrihen was a tropic themed blowout attended by the creme de…